2015 Upstate NY Summer Festival Ratings

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In 2013, I was able to attend the majority of key festival events, and compiled a scorecard of sorts at the end of the season. In 2014, one of the annual staples took a break, and my schedule wasn’t as flexible for attendance; thus the lack of a comprehensive scorecard. This year, however, the summer schedule in Upstate NY was back in full swing. Let’s recap…. Read More →

2013 Upstate NY Summer Festival Ratings

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Having attended four of this season’s radio festivals, I thought it would be appropriate to rate each event in terms of line-up, organization, and attendance. Missing from this list is Q103′s Q-Ruption, which is inconsequential anyway since the station has just slapped their name on the Rockstar Uproar Festival for the past two years…. Read More →


While action is currently being taken regarding The Aud (as discussed in Part 1 of this editorial), development has long been discussed for Utica’s Harbor Point project with essentially no tangible results. Recently, however, there has been quite a bit happening behind the scenes; and more importantly, projects are currently underway…. Read More →


Having grown up in Central NY, and having experienced – albeit in relatively small doses – the success of large concert events (what feels like an eternity ago); I have since obsessed over the return of live music to the area. As noted in an early editorial entry, I outlined the potential of the Utica Memorial Auditorium, and how it has essentially become a non-factor in recent years. Additionally, I provided an overview on the venue flaws as well as an outlook on potential improvements…. Read More →

The Uptown Theatre: Central NY Catalyst

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As previously discussed, the Central NY music scene has been undergoing an experimental phase in order to establish a live music standard. This past summer and fall could essentially be considered a failed attempt. Pier’s & Blake hosted a few events of varied results, and the “venue” (technically a bar/restaurant) ultimately closed its door by the end of 2012. Aside from the success of the Saranac Brewery summer concert series, it remains to be seen how additional brewery district establishments will fare this year and into the future. The Utica Memorial Auditorium continues to be underutilized, which truly is a shame (only one rock concert since Phish back in October 2010: The All-American Rejects w/ Boys Like Girls and The Ready Set in September 2012). The Rome Capitol Theatre doesn’t appear to be in the mix. Plans for the re-branding and revitalization of the Lewis House (now renamed: The Rokbox) have been placed on hold until the latter portion of 2013…. Read More →

Central NY: Support Your Scene

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Referring specifically to the Utica/Rome area, the past five months have been filled with attempts to improve the region’s music scene. Multiple promoters have taken chances on booking national touring acts, various venues have been utilized, and much of the rock spectrum has been explored to achieve a level of diversity in hopes to keep community interest and excitement elevated…. Read More →


I attended my first concert shortly after graduating high school (I was a late bloomer…), and with each passing year have attended more shows than the previous year. Central NY, however, hasn’t been known for its music scene in recent years. Over the past six years, The Aud hasn’t totaled double digit events (referring specifically to rock concerts); and events have been intermittently booked in the area – most often in downtown Utica (i.e. Varick Street venues, The Stanley Theatre). Surprisingly, I can’t recall an event ever being held in Rome. The Turning Stone Casino & Resort is the most reliable venue in Oneida County in regard to hosting shows; however, those events often feature artists from decades past or unreasonably priced events for more current artists. Therefore, I’ve relied on Syracuse for the bulk of my live music experiences which isn’t all that bad considering the drive from Rome is around 45 minutes for venues such as The Lost Horizon, The Westcott Theater, and the New York State Fairgrounds…. Read More →


Growing up in Central NY, specifically the Utica/Rome area, there has been a lack of live music events aside from the occasional show at The Aud [which is severely underutilized in my opinion] or rare appearances from national touring bands on Varick Street (which is perhaps less likely to occur now that the Electric Company went out of business this spring). As a result, I would have to travel to Syracuse for shows, which has a burgeoning music scene at both the local and national level. The success of that market is in large part due to rock radio stations K-Rock and 95X, local promoter Syracuse Shows, and the staff at venues like The Lost Horizon and The Westcott Theater…. Read More →

K-Rock vs. 95X? Grow Up.

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There has always been a battle of stations – to a degree – in the Central NY region: namely K-Rock and 95X. However, it’s the fans of each station who appear to be the vocal presence. People have chosen a favorite and subsequently attack the other party with blind rage and narrow-minded viewpoints. The entire scenario is juvenile; obviously when it’s fan vs. fan, but even more so when it’s staff members get involved…. Read More →

Thank You!

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