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Rochester’s Sirens and Sailors have steadily built a name for themselves both locally and nationally over the past few years. Just recently, the band announced their signing with Tragic Hero Records – an achievement that speaks to Sirens and Sailors’ dedication and work ethic. Frontman Kyle Bihrle took some time to discuss the past, present, and future of the band.

What keeps the band motivated after 6 years (how crazy is that?!) together?

Sirens & Sailors formed in 2005 with an intention to succeed.  There are many bands that have experienced the ups and downs of the fluctuating music industry, ourselves being a prime example.  Where many bands would throw in the towel, we on the other hand refused to.  Honestly, we have learned so much from these past years of experience, but no one determines what you do or who you become except for you.  In hard times, we learned from our mistakes, corrected our faults, and came out stronger because of it.  S&S has continued to stay motivated and driven because we want it.  This is what all [five] of us want to do.  There is nothing more satisfying than performing our creations to anyone who will listen.

Sirens and Sailors have developed a strong resume over the years having shared the stage with numerous national acts including Hundredth, Stray From the Path, My Ticket Home, The Crimson Armada, and Ice Nine Kills. Talk about those experiences, and is there any one show that stands above the rest?

We are very thankful to have the opportunity to share the stage with bands we look up to, or are good friends with.  There is no way we could narrow it down to one show to top them all. Whether we are playing with national bands, or playing in front of 10 kids, there is always something to remember, and be appreciative for.

Most performances have been in New York, especially Rochester and Buffalo, but the band has toured out of state as well. Discuss the differences between playing in your comfort zone and in unfamiliar territory.

Rochester, NY is our home, and it’s always guaranteed to be an amazing time when we get to play in front of our favorite city in the world.  Touring however, has given us the opportunity to meet new people and play new places we have never been to before in hopes that when we return, that new place feels more like home.  We go into every show we play with the same mentality of, no matter how many people are there, they get our 100%.  Its such an exciting experience to have the opportunity of displaying our music for new eyes and ears, and we will reach as far as the road can take us to play for anyone who is willing to listen.

Sirens and Sailors have released two albums to date: a self-titled EP and the debut LP ‘Still Breathing.’ How would you describe the progression between the two efforts? Also, how would you describe the response to ‘Still Breathing’ now that it’s been available for a year?

The funny thing about both of our previous releases is that they both were released 2 years after the songs had been written.  We started writing our Self-Titled EP in 2005, and it was released in 2007.  We started writing “Still Breathing” in 2009, and it was released in 2011.  We never planned it to be that way, but we had gone through some “behind the scenes” action to prevent them both being released at their intended times.  Our original EP consists of the first 5 songs we ever wrote as a band, still young, still trying to find where we were wanting to go with our “sound” I suppose you could say.

Our full length however, gives the listener a better idea of who we are becoming.  Sure there is some variety in style from song to song, but we like it that way.  No one wants to listen to the same song over and over again on a full length record, it gets boring.  Since our release of ‘Still Breathing’ things have been extremely busy for us, we put that record out in hopes that people would start recognizing us for our music, and that is exactly what happened.  Just under one year later we signed to Tragic Hero Records, and now we have a brand new EP coming out towards the end of this year!

Over the past few years, many local scenes throughout Upstate NY appear to be growing. It’s very exciting. How would you describe the current state of the Rochester scene, and how does it compare to when the band started?

Rochester has some of the most talented bands in the world, and we are not afraid to say it.  We have played all over the country, and for the most part nothing compares to the talent Rochester has to offer.  Our city has had its ups and downs, just like anywhere else, but it always seems to find its way back to the top.  Rochester is not just metal; there are so many bands of different genres here that are just waiting to be discovered.  If we had to describe Rochester, NY’s music “scene” in one word, it would be passionate.

Some pretty big news came out of the Sirens and Sailors camp recently with the announcement of signing to Tragic Hero Records. First of all, congratulations! Second, could you talk about how that relationship started and ultimately ended in a record deal?

Thank you very much!  Drew Fulk (Think Sound Studios) approached us a few months back asking if we would be interested in recording a new record with him at his studio.  Eventually it turned into Drew approaching Tommy (owner of THR) and presenting Sirens & Sailors to him, to see if he would interested in signing us.  Tommy approved, a contract was written up, and some odd months later after having it reviewed etc. we signed!

Were there talks with any other labels, and if so, what made Tragic Hero stand out among the rest?

Over our career we have been approached by many labels, some larger than others, sure.  Tragic Hero stood out to us because it felt most comfortable, and we have seen many of their bands move on to do great things.  You have to respect a label that has established itself and been able to keep itself afloat after all these years.  We are very proud to represent THR, and we know it will only get better from here!

The band just finished recording a new EP at Think Sound Studios in North Carolina. How was that experience?

Our time spent at Think Sound was more than we could ever ask for.  Drew came into the studio with a purpose to make our record the best it could possibly be, and we are so very proud of the outcome.  His work ethic was always at 100% day in and day out, and we appreciated it so much. It’s nice to know that somebody you have never met before is willing to put his faith into your band to take it to the next level, and we are confident that we made the right choice.

What information can you reveal regarding the new album?

Our new EP will consist of 5 songs that we handpicked ourselves.  We like to say that, “there is a little something for everybody”, on this record.  Expect all your favorite aspects of our music to be included.  We bring the heavy, we bring the melodic, and we bring the ferocity. So excited for everyone to hear it!  The name of the EP and artwork will be revealed very soon, you can also expect some new music to go up soon as well.

Which band would Sirens and Sailors like to play with that you haven’t yet had the chance to share the stage?

We would each give you a different answer, but to name just a few:  The Black Dahlia Murder, August Burns Red, Every Time I Die, For The Fallen Dreams, Attila, Norma Jean, The Chariot, the list goes on and on.  Thankfully, there are many bands we love that we have had the privilege of sharing the stage with already, and hopefully that list continues to grow over time.

What can we expect from Sirens and Sailors in the near future? Any upcoming shows in the works?

We have tons of shows in the works, as well as some tours being scheduled as well.  You can expect a brand new EP, music videos, brand new merch, and so much more.  There is no plan to slow down, and a desire to meet the goals we all set years ago.  Make sure you come out to the show when we get to your city!

Thanks so much for your time! Anything Else you’d like to add?

We would like to thank Pat and Full Spectrum Rock for their interest and interview, we would also like to say hello to all of our friends all over the world, you know who you are, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you!  Thank you so much!

I’d like to thank Kyle again for keeping Full Spectrum Rock posted on all things Sirens and Sailors. Be sure to get connected with the band through their social networks.

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Catch the band at a hometown show this December:

12/10 @ Dubland Underground (Rochester) w/ Ice Nine Kills & more

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  1. jean tanney

    November 12, 2011

    Sirens and sailors, I am a big fan of watching you come to life on the stage. I am so happy for you all. I, just like all your fans have enjoyed every piece of music you put to our ears. Lots of luck and safe travels ..Love you, jeannie

  2. Kevin

    November 12, 2011

    Sirens , seeing you literally dozens of times in the heart of Rochester I can personally that I have grown to absolutely love you guys as a band and as friends. Every show you fellas always take the time out to say hello and of course a hug and handshake. I will always refuse to leave a show without saying goodbye to all of you. You treat your fans who literally look up to you all everyday with the upmost respect. Kyle, Doug, Todd, Jim and Nick, I Love you guys! – Kevin Markgraf


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